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Primary School

Primary school education plays a vital role in the development of young pupils. What the primary school children learn and experience during their primary levels of education can shape their views of themselves and the world.

They can even determine their later success or future in school, work and also affect their personal lives. Primary school students are introduced to Mathematics, Languages, Science and Social Studies.

Primary school educators may make use of games, music, artwork, books, computers and other teaching tools to impart the basic skills in the children.

Thus, educators at the primary levels are usually generalists rather than specialized educators and they are required to teach most of the subjects.

All in all, the primary curriculum is an integrated curriculum.

Unfortunately, our school teachers are not able to concentrate solely on teaching students of all levels due to numerous administrative tasks, trainings, meetings and CCA, etc. Children who are weak in certain subject matters find it getting harder and harder to cope with the pace of the lessons carry out by their school teachers.

On the contrary, school teachers are facing the pressure of completing the semester’s syllabus before the beginning of CA or SA. Thus, school teachers face challenge to find a free slot to guide the weaker students during school time schedule.

As a result, tuition teachers from a good teacher centre for Primary School will fill up this gap by giving dedicated time to clarify any unclear concepts as well as to provide greater exposure for various level of complexity.

Even teachers think school alone is not enough and We, tuition teachers from Bukit Panjang Class feel the same way too.

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